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    Bild von Welcome To Shaghai
    Traditional orchestral Chinese music background.
    Welcome To Shaghai

    2 158,86 ₽
    Jon J. Morin Music logo graphic
    A happy, feel-good reggae song featuring ukulele.
    Happy Ukulele Reggae

    1 414,43 ₽
    Jon J. Morin Music logo graphic
    A playful, fun seamless loop featuring kalimba and percussion instruments. Has a world, jungle type feel.
    Casual Kids Game Loop

    1 116,65 ₽
    Bild von Cinematic Comedy Jazz Folk
    Cinematic Comedy Jazz – playful, Jazz/Folk track, recorded with live clarinet, accordion, acoustic guitar, upright bass and drums.
    Cinematic Comedy Jazz Folk

    2 158,86 ₽
    Bild von Latin Guitar Dance
    A Latin tune played by two Spanish guitars, steelstring guitars, acoustic bass, flute and percussion, in a medium tempo. Happy, smooth song, creating a relaxed, feel good mood.
    Latin Guitar Dance

    1 488,87 ₽
    Bild von Latin Summer
    Relaxed, slightly dreamy but uptempo tune, with Spanish lead and rhythm guitars, Latin percussion and acoustic bass as rhythm section. Has a slightly Brazilian feel to it.
    Latin Summer

    1 488,87 ₽
    Bild von Bossa Nova Guitars
    A latin tune played by two Spanish guitars, piano, acoustic bass and percussion, with a bossa nova rhythm. Peaceful, smooth song, creating a relaxed, perhaps slightly romantic atmosphere.
    Bossa Nova Guitars

    1 488,87 ₽
    Bild von Chasing The Sun
    Very cheerful, upbeat mediterranean/latin tune, featuring lead and rhythm spanish guitars, mandoline, percussion and bass.
    Chasing The Sun

    1 488,87 ₽
    Bild von Caribbean Holiday
    Light and upbeat Latin tune, featuring Spanish guitars with percussion and electric bass. Makes you think of a nice, relaxed evening at a Caribbean beach.
    Caribbean Holiday

    1 488,87 ₽
    Bild von Spanish Summer Dance
    An uptempo, light guitar tune, with Spanish melodies and harmonies, played by Spanish guitars, acoustic bass, trumpets and Latin percussion.
    Spanish Summer Dance

    1 488,87 ₽