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    DazR v2
    Daz3D to Maya Auto Rig Werkzeugkasten
    €32,41 €19,44
    Layer Batch - Processing Kit
    Layer Batch - Processing Kit Save time in Photoshop by editing all selected layers at once - 'Layer Batch' makes it possible to resize, rotate, colorize or rename multiple layers at once. You can also create or unwrap multiple Smart Objects. If you still have other use-cases, you can simply create your own action and run it for all selected Layer using the panel.
    Lightroom and Photoshop Presets
    Files Included: 15 .XMP files for Lightroom CC & Classic Lightroom 15 .DNG files for Mobile 15 .lrtemplate files for older versions of Lightroom 15 files for Photoshop CC CameraRaw ReadMe file (with detailed instructions) Please read it before using this collection!
    €23,15 €18,52
    Sync Edit - Layer Synchronize Kit
    Works with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 and newer Sync Edit makes it possible to edit just one layer and synchronize the changes to many other layers. Just work on one layer, you don't have to select the other ones or copy-paste any settings. All the changes get updated instantly and you can control which events to synchronize.
    Easy Cut - Layer Splitting Kit
    Works with Adobe Photoshop CC 2018+ Cutting a layer into separate layers might just take a few clicks for pixel layers, for shapes, however, it becomes more complex. Easy Cut makes it possible to cut any layer type with just a click, using a variety of tools like guidelines, paths, or selections. Everything stays in place, layer styles stay consistent and you can even use the functionality while having the extension closed.